International Volleyball Club traditionally ended its Competitive season with rewarding best individuals in our club. Ten awards, voted by all our coaches, were handed out to our players who had an outstanding individual performance during the entire season 2022.

The Most Valuable Player  award, for the player that was committed to the team fully, contributed to the team the most and impacted it both on and off the court, was given to Flo Van den Bossche from IVC Elite team. The Most Improved Player this year is Penelope Chua, who kept improving her volleyball skills week by week and showed her massive volleyball potential. Leadership award went to Emma Pasupathy from IVC Futures team who provided leadership, effective communication and team unity throughout the entire season. Outstanding Achievement award went into the hands of Stephanie Namkoong. Stephanie didn’t miss any single IVC practice for almost 500 days! Its our club record! Well done! Emma Cayford from IVC Advanced Futures team showed a lot of commitment, patience, and great improvement through the entire season and she earned award ‘’Athlete Of The Year’’. Rookie of the year is Kiandra Holthausen who brought great refreshment in our Beginners team from the first moment she joined IVC. Braveheart award went to Aarna Jagannath for her bravery on and off the court. Sasha Haddad was handed out coaches award for all her hard work, patience, commitment and dedication throughout all these years since she became IVC player. Megan Tan, from our Junior Varsity Team earned Most dedicated player award. Megan never missed any IVC season, camp or program since she joined our club! How cool is that?! Phoebe Billingslea is captain of IVC Elite team. She is hard worker, a true leader and an inspiration to all of us. Last year she was our MVP and this year we rewarded all her hard work, leadership, sportsmanship, amazing attitude to the team and to every single practice with Most Inspirational Player award!

Congratulations, great job ladies! We are so proud of you!

List of the award recipients:

Most Valuable Player - Flo Van den Bossche

Outstanding achievement - Stephanie Namkoong

Athlete of the year - Emma Cayford

Most improved player - Penelope Chua

Rookie of the year - Kiandra Holthausen

Most dedicated player - Megan Tan

Coaches reward - Sasha Haddad

Most Inspirational Player - Phoebe Billingslea

Braveheart reward - Aarna Jagannath

Leadership reward - Emma Pasupathy