The International Volleyball Club (IVC) is providing children between the ages of 8 and 18, who are residing in Singapore, with competitive level skills in volleyball. The IVC is working with a highly educated and FIVB-certified coaches who understands the latest global trends and techniques. IVC provides a higher level of coaching for improved competition and enjoyment of this team oriented, non-contact sport. Our program is under the guidance and management of FIVB instructor and FIVB Level 3 coach Bojan Mirković. IVC is the only club in Singapore with FIVB instructor.

We are collaborating with largest single-campus international school in the world – Singapore American School and also with International Sports Academy which gives us opportunity to run our programs in the finest, air-conditioned, facilities in Singapore.

IVC is promoting an ideal sport - volleyball has no time limit. It is also a rebound sport, without direct contact with the opponent, therefore reduces the risks of injuries. Volleyball not only develops team spirit, it is also a convenient way to stay fit and provides endless amount of fun and enjoyment.

So, don’t wait, come and join us right now!