International volleyball club officially ended its competitve season 2016/2017 with an individual awards banquet held at Sentosa island. Six awards, voted by coaches, were handed out to our players who had an outstanding individual performance during the entire season. The Most Valuable Player Award, awarded to the player that was committed to the team and impacted it both on and off the court, was given to Amari Lim. The Most Improved Award was given to Kelly Mach, who kept improving her volleyball skills week by week and led the squad in numerous matches. Leadership award was given to Olivia Miller who provided leadership, effective communication and team unity throughout the season. Outstanding Achievement award went into the hands of Nyla Ward. Nyla was playing her first season as an setter and she showed a lot of commitment, patience and stunning improvment. Rookie of the year is Julia Birsel who brought great refreshment in our JV team from the first moment she joined this team. Brave heart reward went to Alyssa Yuen for her bravery on and off the court. Congratulations!

List of the award recipients:

Most Valuable Player – Amari Lim (IVC Varsity team)

Outstanding Achievement – Nyla Ward (IVC Varsity team)

Rookie of the Year – Julia Bissel (IVC JV team)

Most Improved Player – Kelly Mach (IVC Varsity team)

Leadership award – Olivia Miller (IVC Eagles)

Brave heart award – Alyssa Yuen (IVC JV team)